Logo - Kestrel  
Our partners are vital to the success of the Kestrel. More than
'business partners' or 'affiliates,' they are key advisers in the
development, certification and production of the plane. Some
share in our business success; others help guide us in making
the Kestrel safer, more capable, and more transformative for
those who fly it.
History There were obvious reasons to choose the Honeywell TPE331-14GR as the engine for the Kestrel: among them are great power, longer time between overhaul, and exceptional service life. In addition, the engine is quieter and more fuel-efficient than others in its class, with fewer emissions. But in the end, it was Honeywell's close-knit collaboration with the Kestrel team that impressed us most. Their commitment on the ground reaps huge rewards in the air.
History We are committed to the communities that have welcomed us both personally and financially, with economic development aid. Kestrel is fortunate indeed to have located its engineering and production facilities in Superior, WI and Brunswick, ME. In turn, we expect to return a measure of economic prosperity to these communities in the form of jobs, tax revenue and income from visitors—among them, new Kestrel owners.